Steel Beds, Hospital Beds & Divans

We have a selection of steel beds, hospital beds and divans suitable for when high durability and cost effective solutions are required. The options range from loose leg divans, folding beds and bunk beds with both expanded metal or welded mesh desings. Additional flatbar support assists in the strengh and durability of the beds.

Our hospital beds are suited for use as recovery or pneumonia beds in both temporary and permanent hospital facilities. We also supply other steel hospital furniture to accompany or selection of ward beds.

steel beds

Folding Bed & Loose Leg Divans

We manufacture both folding beds as well as loose leg divans. Additionally we can insert a flatbar support for extra strength and durability.


Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal:

Both options are avialable and offer differences in overall cost and strength.

folding beds


Head Board Only and Head and Foot Options

We can accommodate both options in whatever quantity you require.

steel bed

Bunk Beds

The bunk beds below show both the Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal options.

steel bunk bed

For more information regarding our steel beds and divans, please contact us


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